Forward-thinking Services

We anticipate and infuse a deep sense of urgency in all our deliverables.

Deployment of these services with the Risk Analysis and Strategy to be aligned for your needs, is of essence in a well designed Risk Management Process.
• Analytics

The tools we use are an integral part of how we review and monitor the solution’s adequacy. Our Risk Management Function delivers customers valuable information like history, lost data, business objectives, financial considerations, risk tolerance, and cash flow.

Business Continuity

We are capable of guiding and assisting in the development and implementation of a strategic plan that addresses all risks and needs related to the impact risk has on your business. Our guidance will ensure the least possible risk from the derailment of your company goals.

• Buy & Sell Agreement

Anticipatory planning is of utmost importance for a well designed Business Continuity Strategy in your company. With our valued aligned resources, we are well qualified to assist in the succession plan process.

• CAT Modeling / PML

We can document retention decisions and asset exposure protection strategy from catastrophic exposures like wind, earth movements, and floods with this sophisticated methodology in modeling the expectancy of losses. Our CAT models have been tested globally through various catastrophes, including local events like Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, and with the earthquakes that hit the Southwest of Puerto Rico during January and May of 2020.

• Claims Management, Third Party Administration, & Consulting

High-frequency accounts need a well-aligned Claims Administration Policy and Advisory Services, and we cater them for our clients. We have aligned TPA services with technology and external resources, allowing us to manage retention effectively.

• Crisis Management

Risk Strategy must have a crisis management component for significant exposures to loss.

• Enterprise Risk Management

Our team and valued partners will assist in the ERM process.

• Loss Control – Risk Consulting

An effective L/C and Risk consulting strategy is continuous and focused on identifying areas to protect the impact of bottom-line avoidable losses or minimize risks. This helps our clients provide a better work environment and reduce the overall cost of risk in businesses. (TCOR)

• Mergers & Acquisition Risk Consulting

We provide Risk Consulting and Advisory services for our clients whenever engage in a M&A deal.

• Multinational Placements

We have the capabilities and expertise in placing international programs and administer them by using the global reach provided by our valued partners.

• Property Evaluations

We are suited to deploy outsourced partners to assess property values anywhere in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean. We provide these valuation services to clients, therefore contributing to effectively evaluate the adequacy of values in the Risk Transfer Strategy.

• Risk Advisory Services

We are true believers in the Risk Discovery function of our brokerage services. By identifying insurable and non-insurable risks that may affect our clients, we can prioritize and grade these to provide treatment alternatives available to adequately deal with to protect the balance sheets of our clients.

• Risk Profiling

Our team of experts is trained to guide our clients’ management teams by profiling their risks. They also design strategies to handle them with weighted prioritization efficiently.

• Risk Tolerance Services

How much to retain in their Risk Strategy is a challenge for many businesses. Our team can guide them to measure an accurate estimate of the amount they can handle as retention of risks to make informed decisions that ensure their businesses’ continuity.

Assessing Your Needs is Key

Our risk analysis and strategy is devised taking them into account.

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